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Our company started in 2000, providing essential services related to the highly developing sector of direct seeding. After extensive market research, Dino Contreras Agricultural Services decided to apply zero tillage in fine and thick grains, acquiring for this purpose state of the art equipment and implementing highly efficient logistics to supply the demand of our customers. This highly efficient system of direct seeding required also an effective system of plague control and prevention. To keep up with the requirements of our clients we developed a monitoring system to diagnose and treat plagues of woodlice and slugs.

In 2004 we introduced into our company the service of mechanical harvesting of fine and thick grains. Our equipment has been progressively replaced by more efficient and up-to-date technologies.

In 2006, continuing our effort to provide more and better services, we incorporated a soil sampling and monitoring team for analysis and measurement of soil moisture to precisely decide the irrigation strategies along the years and for the different crops produced.

In 2010 we incorporated a SEA CONTAINERS RENTAL service that could be utilized as deposits, or conditioned to play the role of mobile offices or temporary living houses.

Nowadays, our facilities located at less than one mile from the Quequén harbor allow us to have an increased and improved operational capability in all areas covered by Dino Contreras Agricultural Services.

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